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Cleaning Carpets: When to do it on your own

Although Green Carpet Cleaning would love to have your business, not all carpet cleaning jobs require the services of a professional. The method you’ll use to do the cleaning is very important; otherwise you may worsen things or even cause irreparable damage to the carpet. Tackling your own job for dirt or stain removal can be done right as long as you follow some basic cleaning tips.

Renting a machine from the tool rental shop 

Most rental rug cleaning machines are intended for water extraction.  These machines are safe for most carpets. However, not all carpets can be cleaned using the water extraction method. You need to be careful; you need to identify your carpet properly. Rental machines and the products they use to clean the carpets may be too harsh and the cleaning chemicals may not be intended for your type of carpet. The cleaning products may not be good for the environment or safe to humans. Damage to the carpet and the subfloor may occur.

Rental rug machines or their cleaning products should not be used on carpets that are natural fibers, braided, sisal, jute rugs, or oriental carpets.  The risk for damage is too great. Some carpet cleaning definitely requires professional treatment. Green Carpet Cleaners can give you an honest assessment of what cleaning method to use using natural green cleaning compounds that are safe to the environment and people.

Once you determine that it is safe to use the rental machine on your carpet, first thing is to remove loose dirt by vacuuming the carpet.

Use an appropriate stain removal product to pre-treat any special spot or stain.

When you use the machine avoid over-wetting your carpet. Follow the machine’s instructions carefully. Some carpets absorb more liquid than others, such as looped carpets. Carpets can get soaked ruining the back of the carpet and causing mold problems if not fully dried.

Open windows and doors, use fans or turn the air conditioning on or heat for faster drying.

Using the wrong method to clean your carpet can result in having the stains and spills pass deeply into the fibers, making them harder to remove. We at Green Carpet Cleaners takes the guessing out to provide you good advice and guaranteed professional results to all your carpet cleaning needs.
Removing Commons Stains. Stains are common and tough to remove. There are some essential tips to keep in mind.

  •     The most important thing to remember is to always blot, not rub! Use white paper towels or cotton towels to absorb most of the wetness. Do not use colored paper towels since the ink dye could transfer back to the carpet making things worse. Remember, blot blot blot.
  •     If you need to remove a mess, like pet stains, pick it up with gloves; do not smear or rub.
  •     If the stain has dried up moisten the area.
  •     Do not use excess amounts of water to clean. You do not want the water to soak into the carpet pad underneath. The trick is to absorb not to saturate.
  •     You can make a homemade cleaning mixture with white vinegar, a little of dish soap and water to mist the area; it is best to spray the stain, but do not soak the carpet. Then blot the area until the stain is gone.
  •     Do not use hydrogen peroxide or chemicals, they can bleach the carpet and fade its color.
  •     There are many stain removal products in the market today. You need to be very careful, not all claims are true or will work for your type of carpet or particular stain.
  •     If after your attempt to remove the stain things don’t look good, you need to consider calling a professional carpet cleaning company.

At Green Carpet Cleaning we have true and tried methods to remove just about any stain. If possible and before the arrival of our technicians keep the stain area moist with a damp cloth before our arrival. Having the stain dry can make things harder; however, we can successfully treat any stain, no matter how tough the job is.

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