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Feedbacks (testimonials)

You guys are great! I appreciate you taking care of my elderly parents condo. You cleaned their carpets in Brooklyn super excellent. I’m so grateful. I was concerned for them and you took the worry away. Thanks so much. Michael J. 3/3/11

Wow! My sofa is like new again! I thought for sure I would have to reupholster. You did miracles. I still can’t believe the great job you did, you are the best. Sarah G. 4/2/11

I was skeptical when I called you, I was this close from ripping my carpets from the floor, they were so nasty. The estimate you gave me was so good I had to give you guys a try. My carpets are like new again, you saved me a bunch. Steve H. 6/12/11

I used to clean the grouting in my kitchen floor, what a pain it was. A friend told me that I must call you. No more getting on my knees and scraping till my knuckles hurt. You did an excellent job in cleaning. I highly recommend you. Don J. 2/17/11

My restaurant is kept clean thanks to you. I appreciate your professionalism and care to detail. I’ve been using you for the last 5 years and definitely will continue to use you. Our kitchen floor is kept clean from grease and grime; we pass the health inspection with flying colors all the time. Joseph C. 5/7/11

Our nursing home needed some serious carpet cleaning and you did an excellent job. Stains that had accumulated for the last year went away and the carpets look new again, they smell great too. You help us look great, thank you. Mary C. 2/30/11

We had you do our carpets and upholstered furniture in March before Passover and it was fantastic - great work, great service, fair price. Aharon G. 4/3/11

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