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Cleaning curtains and shades is a specialty only to be done by knowledgeable technicians. We know the investment made to decorate your home or business can be significant, you want your curtains to last many years. Over time curtains get an accumulation of dust, dust mites, stains, dirt, and cigarette or pet odors. Regular curtain cleaning is a must.

Window treatments come in a multiple of choices. The materials used to make curtains range from delicate fabrics to tough man made materials. Each type of curtain needs special care. Using the wrong cleaning method can make the problem worse or even ruin the curtain. We have been doing this kind of cleaning for years; we guarantee our work to the highest standards in our industry. We use green technology to clean curtains, no dangerous chemicals, all safe to the environment and people.

Our cleaning service includes picking up your curtains, cleaning them at our modern facility, delivering them back to you and re-hanging. We pride ourselves in preventing:

  • Shrinking or distortion.
  • Damage to materials.
  • Leaving stains in the curtain.
  • Significant color change.
  • Improper re-hanging.

We answer your concerns and will deliver quality work at reasonable prices. Your satisfaction is our mission; your expectations won’t be misplaced with us. We guarantee our work. We leave your home looking good, smelling good.

Your home is your castle and we can help you keep it that way.

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