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Green Carpet Cleaning Agents: A World to Choose from

When the time comes to clean your carpeting there is choices to be made. Whether it is a lush wall to wall carpet or an expensive oriental rug, one thing is for sure, “know thy carpet.”  If this sounds like a warning or words of wisdom, let’s not mince words, picking the wrong cleaning method can make things worse or even ruin the investment you made in the carpet.

A professional carpet cleaner with proper credentials can offer something the “uncertified technician” can’t. There are dozens of cleaning methods for carpeting. Someone who has completed an industry accepted training program has the knowledge and ability to do the best job. What this means in practical terms, a professional carpet cleaning technician will know how to identify the carpet, choose the correct cleaning method, and use green agents that are safe.

Often times a homeowner opts to rent a carpet cleaning machine from a tool rental place. The store also sells carpet shampoo. In an attempt to clean their own carpeting, the results are not satisfying. The staining is not gone, the carpet remains too wet and mildew develops, and instead of extracting dirt, the dirt gets lodged even deeper into the fabric. The chemical used in the shampoo is not green certified and therefore what remains of the chemical can cause allergies, affect pets and pose long term damage to the carpet.

The carpet technician not only will know what equipment to employ in a particular cleaning job, but will know what chemical or cleaning agent to use. Like any profession, the technician has many tools to pick from. There is a huge selection of carpet cleaning machines and accessories; there are hand tools, sprayers and hoses, special equipment such as ozone machines. Professionals use commercial quality driers and vacuums. However, all boils down to the chemicals used, the agents used to do the cleaning.

When something happens to a carpet, there is a wide variety of cleaning products to choose from. Green carpet cleaning solutions are becoming the accepted norm and are just as good as the non-green products. Green means that it is safe to the environment and to people. Cleaning products come in many varieties, addressing particular cleaning challenges. A trained professional would know which one is the best to use.

No matter what the problem with the carpet is, if it is smoke odor, grease, flood, dirt, or stains, there is a cleaning application perfect for each case. A green carpet cleaning company will have a complete line of carpet cleaning chemicals that they will use with their machines. Due to the nature of a cleaning job, cleaning agents come in many specialty applications:


The following is a selection of the basic chemicals used in the industry.

  • Detergents and Rinse Agents
  • Pre-Sprays
  • Deodorizers
  • Spot removers
  • Protectors

Types of Detergents and Rinse Agents:

High heat, soap free, deep clean, anti-allergen rinse,  clean extraction, liquid and powder clean green, fabric set neutralizers, fiber rinse, fine fabric detergent,  enzyme detergent, liquid slurry, Color fast jet extraction, Wool detergent, cotton detergent, dyset protector, oriental rug shampoo, repel wool protector, oriental fringe cleaner, Antimicrobials and Disinfectants.

Types of Presprays:

Traffic Lane, anti-allergen, encapsulating prespray, enzymes, liquid or powder, soil lift, dry cleaning compounds.

Types of Deodorizers:

Enzyme, anti-allergen,  unsmoke,  Bio,  Flourosil,  hydrocide, odor neutralizer,  molecular modifier,  odor barrier, skunk off, urine off.

Types of Spot and Stain removing Agents:

Freeze gum remover, Absorbers, Acetic Acid, Citric Acid, Browning and Coffee removal, Wine and Tannin removal, Dry cleaning compounds, crystal defoamer, Oxy based, Paint and Ink removers, Oil and Grease remover, protein based, Rust away,  Catalysts, Unsmoke, Crystal odor counteracting, sanitizers.

Types of Protectors:

Fine fabric, Teflon, Fluorosil, Ultra-violet, wool, cotton, silk.

Characteristics of Green Cleaning Chemicals

When hiring a professional carpet cleaning company make sure they use green chemicals and agents. Here are some characteristics of green products to look for:

  • Biodegradable
  • Detergent free: No soaps, surfactants, synthetic chemistries, dyes.
  • Solvent free: No petroleum distillates, phosphates, butyls, VOC compliant.
  • Toxin free: leaves no health compromising residues.

Insisting on using green cleaning agents in your home or business not only is healthier but will also help maintain your carpets looking fresh and natural for many years to come.

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