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Green, we are encouraged to use green. There is green this and green that. Yes, green has become the iconic description for all things natural and eco-friendly. Anything associated with green is supposed to represent the assurance that whatever it is that is claimed to be green, it is good for the environment, good to people, and good to animals as well. Industries are tripping each other to offer their green solutions for their products and services.  Green carpet and upholstery cleaning services are right up there in the thick of things, they offer green solutions to solve the most stubborn carpet and upholstery cleaning challenges.

As we entered the 21st century, more and more carpet and upholstery cleaning companies are abandoning their past practices of using harmful chemicals to do their cleaning. Their previous strong soapy solutions and dry-cleaning compounds are being replaced by products containing natural and safe ingredients. Green has become de rigueur, the way to go. Safe enzyme and bio-diverse cleaning applications are replacing chemicals such as those containing petroleum based mixtures and distillates.

The learning curve in applying the green mantra is steep though. Carpet cleaning companies opting to be green have a rough road ahead in reaching the green certification. Not only do they need to convert their machines and cleaning agents to green compatible and certified, but also their cleaning strategies need to change to include extensive employee training and standard order of procedures. For a carpet cleaning company to be a truly bona fide green company, the old mold needs to be broken.

The traditional carpet cleaning company provides to their customers not only cleaning for carpets, but also upholstery, drapery, and even tile grout cleaning. Old chemicals used in cleaning often times left residuals and odors unpleasant and even dangerous for the occupants. Today’s green solutions are safer and better at taking stains and dirt out.

The carpet cleaning industry has become more sophisticated because the options to cleaning carpets have become quite numerous. Professional trained technicians are taught under stringent industry approved training programs so that they can apply the correct cleaning solution to any particular cleaning job. The career of carpet cleaning is developing further with advance training and schools awarding diplomas.

The simplest way to do a green carpet cleaning is with plain water and steam. A homeowner can go to the local tool rental store and rent a carpet steam machine. The cleaning can also be done with non-green chemicals and soaps bought at the rental store itself or the supermarket. However, as far as simplicity goes, applying steam and shampooing the carpets is just not the one-answer for all carpet, upholstery and drapery types, far from it.

A professional carpet cleaner knows what cleaning method to use. Even if steam is the one called for, a professional avoids making the common mistakes associated with steam cleaning. Steam if used correctly, with proper temperature, amount of water used, and total extraction of dirt and moisture, the carpet won’t be affected by material shrinking and warping, discoloration, yarn becoming conglomerated loosing their softness, and developing a medium for mold and mildew.

Beautiful carpets, rugs, upholstery and draperies are often times a large home investment. Protecting these assets is important to the home owner. Manufacturing processes use so many types of fabrics, it is necessary to make the exact identification. Trained professionals know how to go about doing this. Fabrics may contain one or a combination of fabrics. There is wool, and silk. There are Polyesters, Dacron, and newer man-made materials, and natural fibers such as cotton, jute, and linen; all needing their own cleaning method.

With the types of carpets out there, there are also all types of green cleaning solutions. Analyzing the type of carpet and matching it with the correct green cleaning agent is essential. A professional green cleaning specialist would know what to do.

There are many claiming that they are green-minded companies. Advertisements abound promising and boasting their own green perfect solution to your dirty carpets. One needs to be careful. The proof of the pudding rests on your ability to conduct a little research. Calling friends and family for recommendations is usually the best first step to take; after that, calling your chamber of commerce, Better Business Bureau, and city hall would be a good idea. Using the internet to contact a non-profit state or national carpet cleaning association can also help you make the right decision on whom to hire.


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