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Grout Cleaning is Hard Work

Whether it is a home on the range or a pad in Manhattan, our living spaces get bombarded by all kinds of dirt. Normal wear and tear affects our floors and walls resulting in unsightly darkening of the spaces between tiling. Dirt and grime caught in the grouting are the toughest dirt to take out. The longer it is allowed to remain, the more challenging the task will be. To top it all, grouting that hasn’t been sealed properly, the more stubborn the embedded staining.
Cleaning grouting in between tiles, on the walls or on the floors, is not easy. Yes, it can be done, but it will take some elbow grease and you’ll need to get physical. If you never attempted to clean grouting, the picture is not pretty. After procrastinating for lets say a few years, you decide to clean the grouting, after all friends and family have already hinted at you that your grouting is filthy. You get on your hands and knees with some old tooth brushes, some dish soap, and start scrubbing in between the tiles. After a couple of feet of scrubbing and scrubbing, things don’t look any better. So, its time to take a break tomorrow is another day.
It is not impossible to clean grouting, it can be done. The trick is to soften the grime to make it easier to remove. It is important to clean grouting so as to remove dirt and grime along with bacteria and mold that may be residing in those hard to reach spaces. Stuff that gets accumulated in between tiles include grease in kitchen floors and wall, soap scum, spilt liquids such as juices, sodas, and wine, and other nasty mysterious staining from days gone by. Often times a home owner just simply gives up and smartly calls a professional grout cleaner.
Grout stains build up over time, the visual effect is evident. Dark spaces replace the original clean spaces that used to be when new. What you cannot see until it’s too late, is the damage that happens below the tiling. The dirt and grime act as agents to loosen the tiling and causing costly damages. It is very important to have your grouting sealed to prevent this from happening. You cannot seal grouting that contains dirt and grime. Not all is a catch 22.
To find the most effective way to clean your tiling is essential. You need to determine the type of grouting and what the problem is. Is the dirt mostly grease? What is it? Next, you need to figure out the cleaning method to use. What agents will you use to do the cleaning? Are the products you choose safe for the environment as well as people? Green cleaning agents can protect you from developing unhealthy symptoms.
The common mixture of cleaning agents used today by home owners to clean grouting is vinegar and water, and lots of scrubbing. Baking powder is also put into the mix. After rinsing all away, you may find that a second application will be necessary.
More aggressive grout cleaning includes renting a floor steam cleaner or using hydrogen peroxide or oxygen bleach. After that, commercial cleaners come into mind. However, when you start thinking to employ more aggressive methods to clean your grouting, it is time to consider calling in a professional grout cleaner. One thing that cannot be over emphasized, once the grouting is clean, using a good sealer is a must.
Finding it hard to decide what cleaning method to use, perhaps for your peace of mind and your time, calling in a recommended grout cleaner makes the best sense. Having a large area to clean is simply too big for a person to do.

Some General Tips for Grout Cleaning

  • Start with clear water to loosen the dirt.
  • Let water sit for an hour before scrubbing. You may not need any agents.
  • Don’t use any strong chemicals, especially if they are not green certified. Your goal is not to remove grouting but to clean it, safely to you and the environment.
  • Use old tooth brushes and stiff brushes with narrow heads. You want to scrub in between the tiles. Most important, you don’t want to damage the tiles themselves. Check things as you go and adjust as necessary.
  • Safety is the main thing, use gloves and protect your eyes.

Calling a professional grout cleaner is not a bad idea, they know what to do. Having someone come to your home to give you an estimate and determine the best cleaning method is one less headache to have.

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