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Serving Areas

Manhattan, NY  (New York City County)

Green Carpet Cleaning offering a wide range of services including: wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning & care, area rug cleaning, repair & restoration, tile & grout cleaning, water damage restoration and more.

We are pleased to serve all areas of Manhattan including the following neighborhoods

Manhattan Zip Code

10001 ~ Chelsea ~ Flatiron ~ Hudson Yards ~ Midtown

10002 ~ Chinatown ~ Lower Eastside

10003 ~ Lower Eastside ~ East Village ~ Noho

10004 ~ Battery Park ~ Ellis Island ~ Governor's Island ~ Lower Manhattan ~ Statue of Liberty Park

10005 ~ Financial District ~ Lower Manhattan

10006 ~ Battery Park ~ Lower Manhattan

10007 ~ City Hall ~ Lower Manhattan ~ World Trade Center

10008 ~ Church Street

10009 ~ Peter Cooper Village ~ Stuyvesant Town ~ Tudor City ~ Turtle Bay

10010 ~ Gramercy Park ~ Peter Cooper ~ Stuyvesant Town

10011 ~ Chelsea ~ Clinton ~ Greenwich Village

10012 ~ Greenwich Village ~ Little Italy ~ Noho ~ Soho

10013 ~ ChinatownGreenwich Village ~ Little Italy ~ Soho ~ Tribeca

10014 ~ Soho ~ West Village

10016 ~ East Midtown ~ Kips Bay ~ Murray Hill ~ Tudor City

10038 ~ Financial District ~ Lower Manhattan ~ South Street Seaport

10017 ~ East Midtown ~ Murray Hill ~ Tudor City ~ Turtle Bay

10018 ~ Midtown ~ Midtown South ~ Times Square

10019 ~ Chelsea ~ Clinton ~Midtown ~ Times Square

10020 ~ Rockefeller Center

10021 ~ Lenox Hill ~ Upper Eastside

10022 ~ Midtown ~ Midtown South ~ Murray Hill

10023 ~ Lincoln Square ~ Upper Westside

10024 ~ Morningside Heights ~ Upper Westside

10025 ~ Hamilton Heights ~ Manhattanville ~ Morningside Heights ~ West Harlem

10026 ~ Central Harlem ~ Morningside Heights ~ West Harlem

10027 ~ Harlem ~ Manhattanville ~ Morningside Heights

10028 ~ Upper Eastside ~ Yorkville

10029 ~ East Harlem

10030 ~ Harlem

10031 ~ Hamilton Heights ~ Manhattanville

10032 ~ Hamilton Heights ~ Washington Heights

10033 ~ Washington Heights

10034 ~ Inwood ~ Washington Heights

10035 ~ East Harlem

10036 ~ Times Square

10037 ~ Central Harlem

10038 ~ Financial District ~ Lower Manhattan ~ South Street Seaport

10039 ~ Central Harlem

10040 ~ Inwood ~ Washington Heights

10044 ~ Roosevelt Island

10048 ~ World Trade Center

10055 ~ Park Ave Plaza Bldg

10101 ~ Radio City

10103 ~ Tishman Bldg ~ 666 5th Ave

10104 ~ 1290 Avenue of the Americas

10105 ~ Burlington Bldg ~ 1345 Avenue of the Americas

10106 ~ 888 Fashion Ave

10107 ~ Fisk Bldg ~ 250 W 57th St

10108 ~ Rockefeller Center Unit

10110 ~ 500 5th Ave

10111 ~ International Bldg ~ 630 5th Ave

10112 ~ General Electric Bldg ~ 30 Rockerfeller Plz

10113 ~ Old Chelsea

10115 ~ 475 Riverside Dr

10116 ~ James A. Farley

10118 ~ Empire State Bldg ~ 350 5th Ave

10119 ~ 1 Penn Plz

10120 ~ 112 W 34th St

10121 ~ 2 Penn Plz

10123 ~ 450 Fashion Ave


10129 ~ USPS Convenience Center

10150 ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

10151 ~ 745 5th Ave

10152 ~ Seagram Bldg ~ 375 Park Ave

10153 ~ General Motors Bldg ~ 767 5th Ave

10154 ~ Bristol Myers Bldg ~ 345 Park Ave

10155 ~ Architect & Design Bldg ~ 964 3rd Ave

10156 ~ Murray Hill

10158 ~ 605 3rd Ave

10159 ~ Madison Square

10162 ~ Pavilion ~ 500 E 77th St

10163 ~ Grand Central

10165 ~ Lincoln Bldg ~ 60 E 42nd St

10166 ~ Met Life Bldg ~ 200 Park Ave

10167 ~ Bear Stearns Bldg ~ 245 Park Ave

10168 ~ Chanin Bldg ~ 122 E 42nd St

10169 ~ Helmsley Bldg ~ 230 Park Ave

10170 ~ Graybar Bldg ~ 420 Lexington Ave

10171 ~ West Vaco Bldg ~ 299 Park Ave

10172 ~ Chemical Bank Bldg ~ 277 Park Ave

10173 ~ 342 Madison Ave

10174 ~ Chrysler Bldg ~ 405 Lexington Ave

10175 ~ 521 5th Ave

10176 ~ French Bldg ~ 551 5th Ave

10177 ~ Marine Midland Bldg ~ 250 Park Ave

10178 ~ 101 Park Ave

10249 ~ Church Street (4000 ->)

10268 ~ Wall Street

10270 ~ American Int’l Group Bldg ~ 70 Pine St

10271 ~ 120 Broadway

10272 ~ Peck Slip ~ Times Square

10274 ~ Bowling Green

10276 ~ Cooper

10278 ~ 26 Federal Plz

10279 ~ Woolworth Bldg ~ 233 Broadway

10280 ~ Battery Park ~ Lower Manhattan

10281 ~ Winter Garden ~  World Financial Center ~ World Trade Center

10282 ~ Lower Manhattan

Roads and streets

Broadway; Riverside Dr; F D R Dr; Amsterdam Ave; 2nd Ave (2 Ave); 1 Ave (1st Ave); 3 Ave (3rd Ave); Madison Ave; 5th Ave; Park Ave; Lexington Ave; Harlem River Dr; St Nicholas Ave; Ave of the Americas (6 Ave); 10 Ave (10th Ave); 9 Ave (9th Ave); East Dr; West Dr; F D R Dr (S St Viaduct); Columbus Ave; Frederick Douglass Blvd (8th Ave); Central Park W; 8 Ave (Hudson St); W End Ave; 7 Ave (7th Ave); E River Dr; South St; 7th Ave (Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd); Greenwich St; Grand St; Edgecombe Ave; Canal St; Broome St; 11 Ave (11th Ave); Washington St; Malcolm X Blvd (Lenox Ave); Fort Washington Ave; Hudson St; York Ave; East Rd; Madison St; E 10th St (E 10 St); W 125th St (W 125 St); Central Park Driveway; West Rd; E 14th St (E 14 St); Pearl St; Audubon Ave; W 30th St (W 30 St); W 33rd St (W 33 St); W 34th St; W 29th St; W 40 St (W 40th St); E 9 St (E 9th St); E 12 St (E 12th St); W 28th St (W 28 St); W 42nd St; W 57th St (W 57 St); W 58th St; E Houston St; W 44th St; W 56 St (W 56th St); W 26th St; W 43rd St; W 24th St; W 47 St (W 47th St); W 48th St (W 48 St); W 45 St (W 45th St); E 13 St (E 13th St); W 46th St (W 46 St); Triborough Brg; W 55th St (W 55 St); W 52nd St; W 54 St (W 54th St); W 50th St; W 51st St; W 49th St (W 49 St); Lafayette St; W 23rd St; Convent Ave; Main St (Governors Island); W 116th St (W 116 St); E 11 St (E 11th St); W 120 St (W 120th St); Water St; W 141 St (W 141st St); W 145th St; Allen St; Manhattan Ave; Fdr Dr; W 25th St; W 36th St (W 36 St); W 53rd St (W 53 St); W 126 St (W 126th St); W 35th St (W 35 St); W 39th St (W 39 St); W 38th St; W 37th St; W 22 St (W 22nd St); Bleecker St; W 21 St (W 21st St); W 41st St; W 20th St; W Broadway; W 135th St (W 135 St); Spring St; W 19th St (W 19 St); E 83rd St; E 84th St; E 4 St (E 4th St); E 117 St (E 117th St); W 142 St (W 142nd St); E 20th St; W 18th St (W 18 St); E 82nd St; E 6 St (E 6th St); E 80 St (E 80th St); E 81st St; W 17th St (W 17 St); E 79th St (E 79 St); W 139th St (W 139 St); E 76th St (E 76 St); E 78 St (E 78th St); E 75th St (E 75 St); W 16th St (W 16 St); E 74 St (E 74th St); Henry St; W 123rd St (W 123 St); W 138 St (W 138th St); E 73rd St (E 73 St); E 85th St; E 86 St (E 86th St); E 88 St (E 88th St); E 90th St (E 90 St); E 89th St (E 89 St); E 87 St (E 87th St); W 143 St (W 143rd St); E 72 St (E 72nd St); W 136th St (W 136 St); W 15 St (W 15th St); E 71 St (E 71st St); E 48th St; E 70th St (E 70 St); E 120th St (E 120 St); E 119 St (E 119th St); W 129th St (W 129 St); W 14 St (W 14th St); W 115 St (W 115th St); Wadsworth Ave; W 122nd St (W 122 St); W 112 St (W 112th St); W 131 St (W 131st St); E 77th St (E 77 St); W Houston St; Delancey St; E Broadway; E 118th St (E 118 St); W 31st St (W 31 St); W 12th St (W 12 St); W 121st St; W 114 St (W 114th St); E 7th St (E 7 St); E 23 St (E 23rd St); Loisada Ave (Ave C); E 62nd St; W 119th St (W 119 St); W 27 St (W 27th St); W 11 St (W 11th St); E 63rd St (E 63 St); W 133rd St (W 133 St); W 113 St (W 113th St); W 155th St (W 155 St); E 56 St (E 56th St); E 55th St (E 55 St); W 140th St (W 140 St); E 68th St (E 68 St); E 54 St (E 54th St); E 59th St (E 59 St); E 61st St (E 61 St); W 13th St (W 13 St); W 127th St (W 127 St); W 10 St (W 10th St); E 52nd St (E 52 St); W 130th St (W 130 St); W 146 St (W 146th St); E 57th St; W 147th St (W 147 St); Grand Army Plz (5 Ave); Cherry St; E 58th St; E 3rd St (E 3 St); W 118 St (W 118th St); W 144 St (W 144th St); E 49th St; E 15th St (E 15 St); E 102 St (E 102nd St); E 2nd St (E 2 St); E 111th St (E 111 St); Mercer St; E 115th St (E 115 St); E 91st St (E 91 St); Bowery; E 92nd St (E 92 St); E 65th St (E 65 St); E 66th St (E 66 St); E 60th St (E 60 St); E 64 St (E 64th St); E 67 St (E 67th St); E 69 St (E 69th St); E 106th St (E 106 St); E 30th St (E 30 St); E 53 St (E 53rd St); Park Row; Dyer Ave; E 93rd St (E 93 St); Cabrini Blvd; E 42nd St; E 50th St (E 50 St); Rivington St; E 51 St (E 51st St); W 137 St (W 137th St); 65th St Transverse; E 41st St; W 132 St (W 132nd St); E 34th St (E 34 St); Sherman Ave; Mott St; E 35th St (E 35 St); W 152 St (W 152nd St); E 38th St; Seaman Ave; E 36th St; E 37th St; E 125th St (Martin Luther King Blvd, E 125 St, Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd); W 151st St (W 151 St); Mulberry St; Dyckman St; W 150 St (W 150th St); Margaret Corbin Dr; E 105 St (E 105th St); E 95th St (E 95 St); Church St; W 128th St (W 128 St); E 96 St (E 96th St); E 97 St (E 97th St); W 124th St; 97th St Transverse; W 117th St; E 39th St (E 39 St); Williamsburg Brg; Front St; W 187 St (W 187th St); Murray St; W 4 St (W 4th St); W 134th St (W 134 St); W 72nd St (W 72 St); Nagle Ave; W 71 St; E 46th St; W 70th St (W 70 St); E 22 St (E 22nd St); E 19 St (E 19th St); E 17th St (E 17 St); E 18 St (E 18th St); E 5 St (E 5th St); Chambers St; E 21st St; E 124th St; E 126 St (E 126th St); E 45th St; E 116th St (Luis Munoz Marin Blvd, E 116 St); E 112th St (E 112 St); E 104th St (E 104 St); E 109 St (E 109th St); E 94th St (E 94 St); E 29th St; E 26th St (Madison Sq N); E 40th St; E 33rd St (E 33 St); E 47th St; Greene St; W 86th St (W 86 St); W 85 St (W 85th St); W 87 St (W 87th St); W 88th St (W 88 St); Worth St; Clinton St; W 181st St (W 181 St, Plz Lafayette); W 148th St (W 148 St); 85th St Transverse; E 27 St (E 27th St); W 149th St (W 149 St); Craig Rd N; E 99th St (E 99 St); W 100 St; W 84th St (W 84 St, Edgar Allen Poe St); W 89th St (W 89 St); Forsyth St; St Nicholas Ter; W 95 St (W 95th St); W 94 St (W 94th St); Thompson St; W 66 St; W 76th St (W 76 St); W 83rd St (W 83 St); Centre St; E 8th St (E 8 St); Varick St; W 111th St (W 111 St); W 96 St (W 96th St); Morningside Ave; W 77 St (W 77th St); Elizabeth St; W 108th St (W 108 St); W 75 St (W 75th St); W 104 St (W 104th St); Bennett Ave; W 106th St (W 106 St, Duke Ellington Blvd); W 90 St (W 90th St); W 93rd St (W 93 St); W 74th St (W 74 St); E 127th St (E 127 St); W 91st St (W 91 St); Stanton St; W 109 St (W 109th St); W 107th St (W 107 St); W 105 St (W 105th St); W 92nd St (W 92 St); W 60th St; Prince St; W 82 St (W 82nd St); W 97th St; E 16th St (E 16 St); W 73rd St (W 73 St); Craig Rd S; Park Ave S; W 110th St (Cathedral Pkwy, W 110 St); E 110 St (E 110th St); Morningside Dr; W 81st St (W 81 St); W 165 St (W 165th St); E 24th St; Bradhurst Ave; Sullivan St; W 158th St Exn (W 158 St); E 2nd St (Ave A); Eldridge St; Warren St; W 204th St; Ave B; Waverly Pl; Charles St; W 207th St; W 177 St (W 177th St); W 180th St (W 180 St); Bernard Baruch Way (E 25th St, E 25 St); Vesey St; Central Park N (W 110th St, Cathedral Pkwy, W 110 St); Delancey St S; Christopher St; W 59th St; E 108 St (E 108th St); Duane St; E 31st St (E 31 St); E 32 St (E 32nd St); E 43rd St; E 44th St; Chrystie St; Liberty St; W 179 St (W 179th St); E 28th St; W 176th St (W 176 St); Hester St; Perry St; E 128 St (E 128th St); W 153rd St; Franklin St; Orchard St; W 178th St (W 178 St); Ave D; W 65th St (W 65 St); Stuyvesant Walk; Ludlow St; W 160th St (W 160 St); W 163rd St (W 163 St); Leonard St; Claremont Ave; E End Ave; W 172 St (W 172nd St); Vermilyea Ave; W 162nd St (W 162 St); Barrow St; W 186 St (W 186th St); 72nd St Transverse; Crosby St; E 103 St (E 103rd St); W 173 St (W 173rd St); Essex St; Esplanade; Central Park S (W 59 St); 7th Ave S (7 Ave S); W 168 St (Haven Ave, W 168th St); Gold St; W 170th St (W 170 St); William St; W 190th St (W 190 St); Watts St; Manhattan Brg; Fulton St; Bank St; W 78th St (W 78 St); Reade St; W 159th St (Harlem River Dr); E 100th St (E 100 St); Bowling Grn (Battery Pl); E 123rd St (E 123 St); E 121st St (E 121 St); E 122nd St (E 122 St); Pinehurst Ave; W 79th St (W 79 St); W 102nd St (W 102 St); Gresham Rd; Leroy St; Andes Rd; Walker St; Jane St; E 101 St (E 101st St); W 80th St (W 80 St); Pike St; Hillside Ave; Hamilton Pl; W 62 St (W 62nd St); W 171 St (W 171st St); Wooster St; W 161 St (W 161st St); Beach St; W 183rd St (W 183 St); W 3 St (W 3rd St); W 103rd St (W 103 St); St Marks Pl; Payson Ave; Division St; W 184 St (W 184th St); Post Ave; W 157th St (W 157 St); Horatio St; John St; Mac Dougal St; Morton St; Carder Rd; W 69 St; W 68 St; Nassau St; W 61st St (W 61 St); Maiden Ln; W 169th St (W 169 St); King St; W 164 St (W 164th St); E 98th St (E 98 St); Haven Ave; N End Ave; White St; Academy St; W 175 St (W 175th St); Comfort Rd; W 67 St; Clayton Rd; Greenwich Ave; W 185th St (W 185 St); E 1 St (E 1st St); Gansevoort St; W 32 St (W 32nd St); Kimmel Rd; Charlton St; W 174 St (W 174th St); Wall St; Laight St; W 101st St (W 101 St); Baxter St; W 182 St (W 182nd St); N Moore St; W 64th St (W 64 St); Pitt St; W 189 St (W 189th St); Norfolk St; Suffolk St; 4th Ave (4 Ave, Lafayette St); Ridge St; Columbia St (Abraham Kazan St); Macombs Pl; Pine St; Cedar St; Barclay St; University Pl; Chittenden Ave; Brooklyn Battery Tunl; Riverside Blvd; Monroe St; W 156th St (W 156 St); Tunnel Entrance St; Broad St; State St; Paladino Ave; W 63rd St (Thelonius Monk Cir, W 63 St); Grove St; Cooper St; Fort George Hill; Laurel Hill Ter; Clarkson St; Central Park Gr Hill; W 154th St (W 154 St); Trinity Pl; Stuyvesant Oval; Beaver St; Albany St; Vestry St; W 111th St; Peter Cooper Rd; Vandam St; E 130th St (E 130 St); E 129th St (E 129 St); E 131 St (E 131st St); W 188th St (W 188 St); E 107th St (E 107 St); W 159 St (W 159th St); Cooper Sq; Fort George Ave; Bedford St; Enright Rd; Isham St; Park Ter W; Park Pl; Catherine Slip; Catherine St; Attorney St; W 99 St (W 99th St); Beekman St; Pleasant Ave; W 153rd St (W 153 St); W 166th St (W 166 St); Overlook Ter; W 218th St; Tunnel Exit St; E 116th St; Hay Rd; 79th St Transverse Rd; W 98 St (W 98th St); Barry Rd; Irving Pl; Thayer St; Fairview Ave; W 215 St (W 215th St); Riverside Dr W; Thomas St; Arden St; Central Rd N; The Mall; W 165th St (Riverside Dr); Rector Pl; W 167th St (W 167 St); Baruch Dr; Terrace View Ave; W 214 St (W 214th St); la Salle St; Wadsworth Ter; W 215th St; St James Pl; S End Ave; Montgomery St; Marble Hill Ave; Frankfort St; Bethune St; Ann St; Stuyvesant Loop N; Laguardia Pl; Stuyvesant Loop W; Vanderbilt Ave; Kenmare St; Stuyvesant Loop E; St Nicholas Pl; Carmine St; Astor Pl; Ellwood St; Market St; River Ter; Park Ter E; Exchange Pl; Stuyvesant Loop S; Harrison St; W 216th St (W 216 St); Hubert St; Bond St; Adrian Ave; Ft Tryon Pl; W 192nd St (W 192 St); Bayard St; W 9th St (W 9 St); Desbrosses St; E 25th St; W 8 St (W 8th St); E 132 St (E 132nd St); Rutgers St; Lispenard St; Dominick St; Washington Sq N; Rector St; Washington Sq S; Little W 12th St; Central Park-Center Dr; Park Pl W; Howard St; W 206th St (W 206 St); Jackson St; Great Jones St; Marginal St; Columbus Cir; Sickles St; Sutton Pl S; Downing St; New St; Rose St; W 39th St; de Pew Pl; Peck Slip; E 28 St (Lexington Ave); Mount Morris Park W; E 135 St (E 135th St); 79th St Transverse; W Washington Pl; Freedom Pl; Ave of the Finest; W 205 St (W 205th St); W 225th St (W 225 St); W 211 St (W 211th St); W Thames St; W 228 St (W 228th St); W 191st St (W 191 St); Old Broadway; W 202nd St; St Clair Pl; Bridge St; Washington Brg (W 181st St); Half Moon Rd; Stone St; Cardinal Hayes Pl; Old Slip; 1st Pl (1 Pl); Evans Rd; Baruch Pl; Whitehall St; E 113th St (E 113 St); River Rd; Gouverneur St; W 218th St (W 218 St); 86th Transverse Rd; Washington Pl; Spruce St; Exterior St; Fletcher St; Commerce St; Robert F Wagner Sr Pl; Willett St (Bialystoker St); W 193rd St (W 193 St); Union Sq E; W 203rd St (W 203 St); Cortlandt Aly; Tudor City Pl; Jefferson St; Sheriff St; E 114th St (E 114 St); E 110th St; W 79st Transverse Rd; Queensboro Brg (59th Street Brg); Union Sq W; Rockefeller Plz; Wards Is Rd; W 201 St (W 201st St); E 29th St (E 29 St); Hamilton Ter; Stuyvesant St; Bogardus Pl; Battery Pl; Pike Slip; Jumel Pl; Rutgers Slip; Dover St; Lewis St; Foley Sq; Frawley Cir; Wheeler Ave; W 212 St (W 212th St); Thames St; Fort Charles Pl; Sutton Pl; Murray St Exd; Rd 5; W 196 St (W 196th St); Platt St; 2 Pl (2nd Pl); Tiemann Pl; Morris St; W 230 St; 1st Ave; Stanton St Exn; Van Corlear Pl; Miller Hwy; Chatham Sq; Mangin St; Cornelia St; S William St; Dongan Pl; W 27th St; W 208th St (W 208 St); W 219 St (W 219th St); Pell St; Lillian Wald Dr; Margaret Corbin Dr (Ft Washington Ave); Edward M Morgan Pl; E 138th St (E 138 St); Jones St; Renwick St; New York Plz; Carlisle St; Mosco St; Samuel Dickstein Plz; Washington Mews; Asser Levy Pl; King Ave; Washington St (W U I Plz); Catherine Ln; Charles Ln; Jay St; Central Pk-Ctr Dr (Central Park-Ctr Dr, Center Dr, Central Park Driveway, Central Pk-Center Dr, Central Park-Center Dr); Esplanade Gardens Plz; W 213th St (W 213 St); W 220th St (W 220 St); E Houston St (Peretz Sq); Cleveland Pl; Beekman Pl; Earlybird Rd; Washington Sq E; Indian Rd; Washington Sq W; W 225th St; James St; Rutherford Pl; Nathan D Perlman Pl; Hancock Pl; Mount Carmel Pl; Szold Pl; Federal Plz (Lafayette St); Rd 6; W 145th St (W 145 St); Dey St; Mitchell Pl; Grand Army Plz; Gouverneur Ln; Cumming St; Staff St; Oliver St; St Johns Ln; Henshaw St; Collister St; W 227 St (W 227th St); Staple St; E 139 St (E 139th St); Elk St; Rd 3; W 217 St (W 217th St); Minetta St; Cortlandt St; Colonel Robert Magaw Pl (Magaw Pl); E 53rd St; 3rd Ave; Grove Ct; Cliff St; Centre Market Pl; Minetta Ln; Escanaba Rd; Icarus Rd; Chincoteague Rd; Owasco Rd; Bear Rd; Jones Aly; Absecon Rd; Shinbone Aly; Cathedral Pkwy (W 110th St); Jumel Ter; Broadway Ter; Marketfield St; W 61 Dr (W 61st Dr, ); Hanover St; Bialystoker Pl; Stable Ct; Theatre Aly; Short Ave; Doyers St; Yeaton Rd; Jersey St; Teunissen Pl; Frederick Douglass Cir; Dutch St; Market Slip; Abraham Pl; Fred Douglass Cir; Christopher St (Stonewall Pl); Hamill Pl; E 125th St; Hanover Sq; Jacobus Pl; Cartigan Rd; Brooklyn Brg; Rd 10; Sylvan Ter; W 129th St; de Peyster St; W 79th St; Exchange Plz (Exchange Aly); E 127th St; State Street Plz; W 214th St Exn; 145th St Brg; Tampa Rd; Mac Dougal Aly; Marble Hill Ln; Sheridan Sq (W Washington Pl); Gay St; 9th Ave; Joseph P Ward St; Union Sq S; 3 Pl (3rd Pl); Merchant Marine Pl (Marine Pl, Battery Pl, Merchant Marine Veterans Pl); Wooster St Exd; Lenox Terrace Pl; Donnellon Sq; Beak St; Stuyvesant Aly; W 64th St; Kent Pl; Pomander Walk; Sylvan Pl; Cherokee Pl; Riverview Ter; Lexington Ave (E 129th St); E 128th St (Lexington Ave); W 135th St; Roosevelt Island Brg; Broadway Aly; Liberty Pl; Weehawken St; Sutton Sq; Franklin Pl; Triborough Plz; Chisum Pl; Gramercy Park W; Gramercy Park E; Taras Shevchenko Pl; Dimaggio Hwy (W Side Hwy, Joe Dimaggio Hwy); Gustave L Levy Pl; Transverse Rd Four (Transverse Rd Number 4, Transverse Number 4, Transverse Rd 4, 97 St Transverse, Transverse Number Four); Ryders Aly; E Tower Dr; Trimble Pl; Randalls Is Rd; Doris C Freedman Pl; Freeman Aly; Bloomfield St; York St; Madison Avenue Brg; Kimball Rd; Cannon St; Watts St Exn; Washington Ter; Henderson Pl; Gouverneur Slip W; Benson St; Gouverneur Slip E; W 63rd St; Coenties Slip; Extra Pl; E 25 St Branch; Moore St; Great Jones Aly; Edgar St; Lincoln Tun Bus Exit; Village Sq (Christopher St); E 73rd St; Greenwich Ct; Macombs Dam Brg; E 92nd St; Patchin Pl; W 186th St; E 61 St Exd; Willis Avenue Brg; Coenties Aly; Milligan Pl; High Brg; Sniffen Ct; Camp Powell Appr (Central Park Acp Blvd Appr, Ctrl Park Powell Blvd Appr); Greenwich Mews; W 4th St; Sylvan Ct; Mill Ln; W 70th St; Ferry Line Rd; Times Square Plz (Times Sq); Transverse Number Two (79 St Transverse, Transverse Rd Number 2, Transverse Rd 2, Transverse Rd Number Two, Transverse Number 2); Lafayette Ct; Mc Kenna Sq.

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