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Midtown West Neighborhood

Green Carpet Cleaning provides  the Midtown West neighborhood with professional care.  We use only the most up-to-date methods, and non-toxic, organic products.

Service Area

9th Ave (9 Ave); 10 Ave (10th Ave); Broadway; 8th Ave (8 Ave); 11 Ave (11th Ave); W 30th St (W 30 St); W 33rd St (W 33 St); W 34th St; W 40 St (W 40th St); W 41st St; W 42nd St; W 43rd St; W 44th St; W 35th St (W 35 St); W 45 St (W 45th St); W 36th St (W 36 St); W 46th St (W 46 St); W 47 St (W 47th St); W 37th St; W 48th St (W 48 St); Dyer Ave; W 38th St; W 39th St (W 39 St); W 49th St (W 49 St); W 50th St; W 52nd St; W 51st St; W 57th St (W 57 St); W 56 St (W 56th St); W 54 St (W 54th St); W 31st St (W 31 St); W 55th St (W 55 St); W 58th St; 7 Ave (Penn Plz, 7th Ave); W 53rd St (W 53 St); W 59th St; W 32 St (W 32nd St); W 39th St; Columbus Cir; Ave of the Americas (6 Ave, 6th Ave); W 60th St; Columbus Ave; 11th Ave; Lincoln Tun Bus Exit; Times Square Plz (Times Sq).

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