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Why call a Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service

Cleanliness is next to godliness, this ancient adage is as true today as in the days of yore. A home with clean carpets, upholstery and draperies is a healthy home.  A clean home forms an environment for good living. Clean carpets, upholstery and draperies give any home a step up on good décor. One must keep in mind that having home accessories clean should not be taken lightly; you have to stay on top of things. A regular schedule for cleaning is not only time consuming but tough as well, but don’t kid yourself, without a consistent cleaning schedule, it is very easy to let things slide impacting on your goal for having your home looking clean all the time harder to attain. For cleaning to be successful, it cannot be done in a haphazard way, you gotta get on it.

Today things are so crazy, there is not enough time to do everything. Between work schedules, family priorities, social life and what not, who has the time to consistently carry out a cleaning schedule? When a few precious minutes open up for doing some cleaning, how well is the job getting done? Cleaning a carpet is more than just vacuuming, and cleaning upholstery and draperies are the last ones to get some serious cleaning. When do they get done? With all the time constraints you have, or perhaps your body not up to it or simply that procrastination devil playing a number on you, calling a professional carpet cleaning company makes a lot of sense.

It is no secret that dirt accumulates with time. When you see dirt, you are already falling behind a cleaning program. For carpets, upholstery and draperies to stay in good condition, they must be cleaned on a regular basis, dirt gets embedded into fabrics deep inside making things harder to clean and to extract the dirt. Preventing the ravages of dirt, you must clean on a regular basis, not once a year, not just spring cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaners know it is not an easy task to clean, and they know that most customers who called them don’t have the time or energy to maintain their own carpets, upholstery and draperies. Having a presentable home takes a combination of tasks performed by the home owner and the professional, call it a cleaning partnership. The professional does the deep dirt extractions, staining removals, and foul smelling scents, and the home owner does the simple stuff, like dusting and vacuuming.

Carpets, upholstery and draperies get dirty for many reasons:

  • Dust and debris
  • Stains
  • Insects, fleas, etc
  • Urine and feces
  • Mold and mildew
  • Water, moisture
  • Accidents, smoke, fire, etc

For the above reasons, people call a professional carpet cleaning company.

A dirty home environment is a source for many ailments. Accessories with the highest capability to host bacteria, viruses and allergens, are carpets, furniture and draperies. Things may look clean to the eye, but don’t get fooled. Symptoms developed by people include sneezing, watery eyes, sore throats, and even unexplained skin conditions. When someone in the home already is suffering from a lung condition, what’s in the air can exacerbate the sickness. When carpets are not cleaned regularly, these symptoms are likely to result.

There are other reasons for doing a good cleaning:

  • Moving into a new home, apartment
  • Selling your home and open house
  • Removal of loose fibers from new carpeting
  • Removing wrinkles from draperies
  • Deodorizing the home
  • Applying a stain barrier
  •  Disinfecting
  • Pest control

A professional carpet cleaning company has the knowledge and equipment to do a thorough cleaning job. The complexities of problems encountered in cleaning carpets, upholstery and draperies, make it a priority for having a professional look at what needs to be done. Not all cleaning jobs are the same. The various types of fabrics, how the looming is done, and the type of dirt, all call for special cleaning solutions. Using the wrong cleaning method can result in things getting worse, or even causing irreparable damage to the carpets, upholstery and draperies. Most important, using the wrong cleaning agents can also affect the environment as well as people and pets. Today a modern carpet cleaning company uses cleaning agents that are green certified, safe to the eco-system and safe to people.

Depending on living conditions and traffic, carpets need to be cleaned accordingly. A cleaning schedule is developed following a review of many factors:

  • Kids, teenagers
  • Elderly
  • Pets
  • Occupancy type
  • Type of construction
  • Weather, humidity
  • Home location
  • Open windows

Formulating a cleaning schedule based on the use of the home is the best way to go. A professional cleaner can be scheduled once every two months for optimum cleaning efficiency. Upholstery can be done less often and draperies even less, perhaps once a year. Frequency of cleaning depends on how busy the home is. A professional cleaner can suggest how many times to do a thorough cleaning.

Other services that a professional carpet cleaner may do include grout cleaning and carpet damage repairs. Specialized cleaning services such as for oriental carpets or expensive fabrics like silk take additional knowhow and expertise. A professional will also give you good advice on how to care for your carpets.

Having a nice home is everyone’s wish, a place where family and friends can feel comfortable. Dirty carpets, upholstery and draperies can make the home look drab and unappealing. Your home is your castle, presenting your home to the world speaks volumes on who you are and having a clean home sends out the right message.

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